Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is ARTworkz different from other printers?

First and foremost, we are designers, NOT a printing company. We specialise in producing top quality artwork for the theatre. You shouldn't expect a printer to design a poster but do need a printer to print it!

Q. For many years we've produced our posters using a home computer, clip art and a word processor isn't this all we need?

If that meets your needs, then stick with it. We've been producing artwork for both professional and amateur productions for many years and simply believe a professional design service should not be outside of the reach of 'amateur' groups and societies whose productions are equally professional in all but constitution.

Q. We have a local printer who has always done our printing for FREE in return for an advert in the programme; would we need to use a new one?

No. Many printing firms employ designers and their 'design time' has to be included within their prices. Talk to your printer and explain you are considering providing them with full 'print ready' artwork. They'll probably be delighted! If you usually pay for your printing, you should consider negotiating a reduction on your print bill because they will no longer need to charge you for their 'design time'.

Q. I don't feel I know enough about this sort of thing and am worried I'll be blinded by terminology such as DPI, CMYK, TIFFs, etc.

Fair enough, we do! We'll even talk to your printer on your behalf. We can't enter into negotiations on how much they will charge you but we will happily explain exactly what they can expect from us.

Q. What can I use the artwork for?

It's entirely up to you how you use the artwork as long as it is only used for a single production and only by a specified group or society. We would encourage you to use the artwork in newsletters, media releases, advertisements, window displays, T shirts, etc. All we ask is that, where possible, acknowledgement is given as 'Original artwork produced by'.

Q. How much does it cost?

Ah! The dreaded subject of money! The short answer is: 'Probably not as much as you might think! How much can you afford?' If you have a very limited budget to work with, you may want to consider an 'off the shelf' logo design from around 49.50
Alternatively, if you're looking for an 'adapted' or an entirely new design, we usually calculate our prices according to how many 'design' hours we put in. And, best of all YOU WONT OWE US A PENNY UNLESS YOU APPROVE OUR QUOTE ALONG WITH A FINAL DESIGN.

Q. What about 'extras'?

We do not have to charge VAT (yet!) and believe that what we quote is what you should pay. The only additional charge is for Postage and Packing for which we charge 'actual costs'. Usually a first class stamp is sufficient to get a final design posted to you on disk for you to hand to your printer!

Q. How much input can we have in the design of artwork?

As much (or as little!) as you wish. As a guide, we usually expect to provide a 'final design' after 2 or 3 drafts. We will always be happy to offer advice and suggestions but our aim is to ensure you get what you want.

Q. How much can I enlarge artwork?

We usually provide artwork at 300dpi on A4 scale which is more than adequate for most purposes (posters, flyers, programmes, etc.) However, if you have specific requirements, just let us know and we'll ensure you get what you need.

Q. What formats can you provide artwork in?

JPEGs, TIFFs or PDFs are suitable for most uses. However, if you have any specific requirements just let us know.

Q. Sometimes we use banners, bill board posters, T shirts, car stickers, road side signs etc. to help promote a show, can you help?

We'll certainly do our best and if we can't provide something 'in-house' we will usually be able to point you in the right direction.

Q. Our production goes on in a month, how quickly can you get me a draft?

Our first priority will always be to our existing customers. However we're always happy to talk through what you need and if we can't meet a deadline we'll tell you up front. Obviously we recommend contacting us as soon as you've set the production, the dates and the venue.

Q. Do I have to contact you during 'normal office hours'?

No. We welcome communication via our contact form, or If you have anything you'd like to discuss by telephone (even if it's in the middle of your committee meeting!), we can be contacted either at our studio on 01502 513518 or on 07762 137865. If we're not available to take your call just leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. And what about…?

Just give us a call or drop us an email! We don't bite!

Q. OK! Sounds good, what is the next step?

Simply, get in touch.